If You Don’t Ask, The Answer Will Be No – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 39 w Steve D. Sims

I have had a lot of people ask me how I get some of the guests for my show. My answer is simple:
“I asked”
In this episode, Steve D. Sims and I dive into this concept and how to scale it up.
Steve Sims is the Author of “Bluefishing, The Art of making Things Happen”, he’s a speaker and the Real Life Wizard of Oz. His day job is to make the impossible possible. He makes his clients’ fantasies and wildest dreams come true:
-Getting married by the Pope in the Vatican
-Being serenaded by Elton John
-Connecting with powerful business moguls like Elon Musk
These are just a few of the many projects he has worked on.
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