Progress, Not Perfection – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 38 w The Big Guy Ryback

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Once upon a time, labeling yourself as an entrepreneur didn’t have the glamorous appeal that it does today. To label yourself as such would elicit raised-eyebrow responses and thoughts of living in your parent’s basement. But hey, now it’s sexy!

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While for the majority of us, it still isn’t all massive cash flows, Lambos and McMansions that happen to fall in your lap in 6 months despite what is being permeated on social media. The reality is that entrepreneurship never lost it’s grip on grit.

When you embark on this course, you have to take into account that it could be 5-10 years of grind, heartbreak, losing, being behind on bills, wondering if you made a mistake….it wil beat the hell out of you. The key is in the bounceback.

RyBack Reeves knows about bounceback quite well….and he’s no stranger to getting beat up too. He is known as The Big Guy in the Pro Wrestling circles. He owns the successful line of nutrional supplements,

He is the host of the Conversation With The Big Guy podcast!

Ryback is also a published author with his book, “Wake Up, It’s Feeding Time.”

In this episode, Ryback and I delve into…

– what got him into weight training and the WWE

– getting signed and being released from the WWE

– podcast interviews

– cutting your own hair

….and much more!

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