History of Recessions and FEAR – JMVO Weekly Primer w Grant Cardone Ep 43

FEAR plays a huge part in things NOT happening.
In 2016, I got over my fear. I decided to do what I was meant to do in this life and I had learned enough up to that point to weather the transition into what I do today and I’ve never looked back.
As you probably know, this is a big episode for the Primer as the King of The 10X Nation, Grant Cardone joins me to discuss:
-What we got out of our time in the car business
-The influence of our fathers
-Getting over fear
-The upcoming economic adjustment and past recessions
Plus…could you imagine a platform where the heavyweights of the business influencer world like Grant, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dave Ramsey, etc., all came together? I would moderate, of course.
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