A REALLY Good Podcast…And It’s Not Mine – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 44 w The PodGoats

I voice and produce a lot of intros and outros for various podcasts. When Syndicated Radio Talk Host Phil Valentine came to me to ask about producing one for his new podcast, I felt quite honored.

Watch this episode!

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Thank you to Mercedes-Benz of Music City @mbofmc for allowing me the use of their showroom for this episode!

Phil and I have similar backgrounds as I spent a majority of my professional life in radio. I know that he knows a smorgasbord of people better qualified to voice a special project for him. His new venture was going to be something called the PodGoats that he was going to host with his son Campbell. I typically listen to all of the podcasts for which I produce imaging (intros, outros, promos, etc), so when theirs debuted, I took in an episode. I have never been so hooked on something right out of the gate. I predict that The PodGoats Podcast will be one of the greats if they keep it up. As much as I keep my podcast about marinating your mind in good stuff, I also do it to talk with people I find interesting. Phil and Campbell are very interesting people and their show….is just FUN. If Paul Harvey and Mike Rowe had a child, it’d be the PodGoats.

Follow The Pod Goats: www.podgoats.com

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