The One Thing You’re Forgetting In Your Marketing – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 45 w Matt Wilson

Most of my professional life began back at I95 WRKI in 1997. I worked alongside the longtime morning DJ @Ethan Carey’s son, @Matt Wilson known at that time as “Young Matt Carey”.

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We instantly bonded on the one thing that people like us bonded over….radio. I was more of a production guy while Matt delved into programming. Thanks to the influence of our boss Tom Bass, we both became enamoured with “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”, a classic book that stills holds relevant principles today.

Matt and I have had oddly parallel careers since. We stayed in radio (at diffent stations/markets) up until about 2013 when we both went into the car business. Matt has recently embarked into a sales role with Silverback Advertising.

In this episode we discuss how there is way too much emphasis put upon delivery methods instead of what’s ultimately the most important part of your marketing strategy, the message.

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Matt Wilson

Jim has been a professional voice over/video and audio producer/branding dude since 1996. He’s voiced well over 1000 scripts for clients who include the likes of Coca-Cola, Jose Cuervo, and Home Depot. He’s produced hundreds of script-less unposed videos for hundreds of business folk, artists, musicians and speakers.

Jim has also coached hundreds of people from various backgrounds how to do voice overs and is available for coaching that includes demo production packages.

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Snapchat: JimMcCarthyVOs


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