A BIG DOSE of Perspective – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 49 w Beth Torres

Man, I have to love self-producing my videos. Apologies for having to stare at the side of my head for the first 9 minutes of this episode…

With that out of the way…

We’ve all had those days where we don’t want to wake up, workout, shower, get dressed, brush our teeth, grab something to eat and run out the door to fight traffic to get to a job that we’re not crazy about.

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In those moments, it may help to know that there are people who would love to be able to do just one of those things.

Imagine *loving* the sound of your kids bickering and fighting with each other. Beth Torres comes across sentiments like that almost on a daily basis.

Beth is the President and CEO of Make A Wish Middle Tennessee. She and her team get to help grant wishes for kids fighting for their lives. Kids who are going through health issues that would scare most adults. The amazing thing is that these kids seem to have the most hope for themselve out of anyone.

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Jim has been a professional voice over/video and audio producer/branding dude since 1996. He’s voiced well over 1000 scripts for clients who include the likes of Coca-Cola, Jose Cuervo, and Home Depot. He’s produced hundreds of script-less unposed videos for hundreds of business folk, artists, musicians and speakers.

Jim has also coached hundreds of people from various backgrounds how to do voice overs and is available for coaching that includes demo production packages.

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