Is This Marinating Your Mind In *Good* Stuff? – JMVO Weekly Primer Episode 48 w Julian Espinosa

The cannabis and CBD oil industry is in it’s infancy. I think it’s always fascinating to see how an industry that once was in prohibition gets marketed when it becomes legal.

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Julian Espinosa is heading up the marketing for a new app called Cannacopia which will help consumers learn about which cannabis product will help with a myriad of health issues.

Julian and I also discuss the somewhat negative perception of cannabis along with some of the names which don’t exactly help the situation! His marketing techniques include his own methods of growth hacking which are on par to help get the industry to a point beyond the old and unfair stereotypes.

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Jim has been a professional voice over/video and audio producer/branding dude since 1996. He’s voiced well over 1000 scripts for clients who include the likes of Coca-Cola, Jose Cuervo, and Home Depot. He’s produced hundreds of script-less unposed videos for hundreds of business folk, artists, musicians and speakers.

Jim has also coached hundreds of people from various backgrounds how to do voice overs and is available for coaching that includes demo production packages.


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