Hamburger Client Deep Dive and Rate Shaming – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 54

Yeah…so…the audio production guy (me) had an issue with the recording of this episode due to various software changes. I promise you the quality of the info is…, sound!

I know. Bear with me…..

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There is a ton of rate shaming that goes on in VO land these days especially when it comes to prospect who lowball. I have dubbed them “Hamburger Clients”. If treated properly, they may become some of your biggest fans.

A few takeaways:

– NEVER balk at an opportunity
– This new economy in the creative space will be powered by relationships
– Sharpen your selling process
– Learn how to pivot during the dance
– They get a chance to see what it’s like to work with you, so smile and put on a show
– No one wants to stay where they are and typically would like to move up. if they’re your fan, they’ll probably take you along
– More Hamburger Clients = more referrals
– It’s economically smart
– It’s so much more about about THEM than it is YOU #bethemcentric

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