Networking and How I’ve Been a Failure – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 55

Yep…I thought myself as a failure for many years…this is about as real as I’ve been in a long time.
Thanks to various elements of conditioning I’ve had early in life, I’ve felt the stigma of a hopeless future embrace me.
I honestly don’t think of myself as a successful voice over dude. I know what I am capable of pulling off…I also know there are many other talents much better than me. Their talent is to be emulated and admired. They have a true gift from God.
I can imagine that this might be the case for quite a number of you, especially now when everyone’s “best life” is being pushed out there these days.
But take heart…
Failing is a good thing.
Without failure:
-You’ll never fully appreciate a win
– The mental toughness is unparalleled to those who “seem” to win
– Everyone fails…it’s those who will eventually win who embrace it and manage to keep pushing forward
– Failure helps you to see clearly what you DO have
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