Matt Dubiel :: Your Employment and The Power of Leverage – The JMVO Weekly Primer Podcast Ep 56

The economy is good and unemployment is very low. That *doesn’t* mean that you can rest on your laurels when it comes to company loyalty.
The largest radio station operator in the US, iHeartMedia recently “displaced” over 1100 of their Programming, On-Air, and Production staff.
The cuts came without warning, though the company in its various forms over the years wasn’t exactly a stranger to doling out pink slips on occasion en mass.
Matt Dubiel owns a radio station in Chicago and he published a video shortly after the iHeartMedia bloodbath that empathized with those affected, but also placed blame squarely on their shoulders.
You see, if you’re still on the air in any capacity, you could be building a social media presence that rivals the audience of your entire station.
Actually, if you’re in a myriad of sales positions, you could be doing the same. This way, if your company decides to pull the rug out from under you, you simply plant your flag elsewhere and your audience won’t skip a beat.
If one day you get pulled into your boss’ office and they begin talking about “moving in a different direction”, how “it’s nothing you did” or “we wish you well in your future endeavors”, you can look them square in the face and ask, “Okay, fine! But are you sure you’ve thought this through?”
But you need to build that audience, which will eventually give you LEVERAGE.
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