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When you spend years in a radio production studio, you get really good at making use of non-traditional voice over people. Clients, salespeople, the receptionist...I was always able to get a good read out of many different people.

In the past few years, I have coached other voice over talent to bring their game to a new level using the same techniques I used during the span of my 18 year career in radio.

even the most seasoned of athletes need ongoing coaching.

My specialties are in TV and Radio Commercials and Promos as well as Radio Station Imaging Voice coaching.

I also can help you with branding and marketing yourself to potential new clients and developing your sales techniques.
I provide the scripts and can coach 1 hour sessions via Skype or Facetime. Monthly and individual sessions are available.
Contact me for rates at 702-232-8859 or CLICK HERE!
"In the time I've worked with Jim over the years, I have learned immeasurable amounts about spoken-word communication. His coaching has been invaluable to the progression of my career. From intensity, to texture, depth, tempo, tone, meaning....all the things a great VO needs, Jim can take you there."

Jon-David Wells, Host
The Wells Report
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

"....and a Fantastic coach you were. Highly recommend Jim as a VO coach to anyone!"
Mike Matthews - Asheville, NC

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Voice Over Coaching Nashville | Jim McCarthy Voice Overs

From Podcast Consulting and Strategy to Full Production and Deployment

Like most VO folks, I started out on radio. I worked in Connecticut, Las Vegas and ended up settling in Nashville since 2005. Over that time I voiced and produced literally thousands of ads for almost every type of business from the local smoke shop on up to Coca-Cola and Jose Cuervo. The digital shift has seen me venturing into Podcast production. Get in touch and let’s collaborate!


  • Podcast Setup and Hosting. We jump through the hoops to get your show set up, hosted, and syndicated.
  • Podcast Intro and Outro Production. We help you script your intro and outro, then voice and produce it so your show will sound like it came from a 50,000-watt radio tower!
  • Episode Production. Give us your raw episode multi or single-track audio and we will produce and master it for deployment.
  • Episode Blogs. Have your episodes transcribed and turned into blogs to optimize your SEO on your website.
  • Clip Extraction and Production. We can cultivate 0:30 to 0:60 promo video and audio assets from each episode for sharing to your preferred social media platforms.

Jim McCarthy Voice Overs 4239 Harding Pike Suite 1, Nashville, TN 37205, United States
Phone Number: (702) 232-8859
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Here’s why you should consider working with Jim McCarthy for podcast production

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"Jim makes our organization look extraordinary. He is a master at putting together a fabulous finished product. We have used his expertise 3 times, and plan on continuing."- Grant Bell

"Jim McCarthy is top notch! Whether you are looking to send a message or sell a product, Jim is as good as they come. Check out his website and you will see from Radio/TV production, to VO delivery, to ad copywriting that he is the guy that can do it all! He is also an excellent voice coach that knows his stuff and he can get you on track to becoming competitive in the voice-over industry. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services!"- Charlie Breshears

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