What's Marty Ray's Problem? :: Social Media Algorithms

It’s amazing to think that you can have fun producing and uploading videos, upload them to YouTube *and* make a good living.

Marty Ray does just that.



Marty Ray was born in Memphis, TN but grew up in a small town in Arkansas by the name of Blytheville. He was always the funniest, and scariest, guy in any room growing up, and still is. He has been singing and writing songs since he was a young boy and about acting he says, “I guess I’ve always been an actor, you gotta be able to act to get outta some of the stuff I got into”. Marty has been involved in multiple Independent Films all across the south and has rubbed shoulders with some pretty respectable people in the entertainment industry. As a Singer/Songwriter Marty has won several competitions and had several songs placed, along with radio airplay. As an actor he stands out with his versatility in styles from Comedy to Romance, even with that majestic beard. He has been successful in radio as well. Creating and producing his own radio show strictly about Indie Film and Music called MemNash Radio he gained access to the inside, or back door, of the movie business. MemNash Radio reached many fans with Hawk and The Beard at the helm, I think you know who “The Beard” was.

In addition to the Marty Ray Project, Marty also has a podcast Marty Ray Project: Chats


What is Marty’s problem?

Marty, like many other influencers and Youtubers, is subject to their respective platform’s whims and algorithm shifts. It’s a challenge to keep up with it all.

A few things came up:

*When I cried as a baby momma said it s a song

*Algorithms, big tech companies have algorithms they use to help people get discovered. Algorithms are constantly changing and what works one week doesn’t work the next

*The challenge is finding a song that I can learn fast enough to not miss a chord on when recording live

*releases a show once a week

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