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Seasoning your voice for lower registers and “breathy” styles – #AskJMVO Ep1

In this debut episode of #askJMVO, I answer a few brave and pioneering questions from Laura, Edawg and Animal Facts!
What would you like to know about #VO? Use #askJMVO to ask on the Twitter or Instagram!

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How To Get Your First VO Demo for FREE – #AskJMVO Ep 2

Yeah. I know. It’s a click-bait-ey title. Bear with me. This is a pretty good strategy to get your first demo going for nuthin’ but tenacity and a little work.
Oh yeah, please ask me anything via #askJMVO.
I get this question more than you know and for first timer…

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Do People Know What You Do? Take the #NameTagChallenge

How good are you at letting people know what you do? know how it works for you. Use #nametagchallenge in your posts and let me know how it works for you! I think you can add 2-3 clients a month simply by just wearing a name tag or logo’d shirt everywhere you go at anyt…

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#DAILYENTREPRENEUR :: Ep. 5 – Creatives Hate Sales, #VOAtlanta and Upholding Rates for Voiceover Artists

I read a recent article about the saturated #voiceover market due to newbies working for $5 and less. I don’t think it’s a rate problem. I think it’s a sales process and value proposition problem.
Here’s a talk I gave to the Tennesee Voice Over Exchange (T-VOE) on apply…

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#DailyEntrepreneur, Day 8

It was a busy week and the work is coming in.

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#DailyEntrepreneur, Day 3

I still wake up with a purpose and drive. Ideas and execution are key!

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Entrepreneurship, Day 2

Busy day of getting the word out. Turn up the networking….

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Entrepreneurship, Day 1

I lost my job yesterday. So now I’m an entrepreneur. They say entrepreneurship can be a roller coaster ride. So why not document it?

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JMVO Talk: A Sales Process for Creatives

I recently spoke at the Tennessee Voice Over Exchange (T-VOE) on how Voice Over Actors could use an automotive-style sales process to get their rate.

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Two Ways You Can Sell a Lot More Stuff in a Year

When you’re in a sales position of any kind, prospecting is probably one of the most important things you can do. Yeah, that seems obvious. But ask yourself how many friends of yours are salespeople? Do you know what they sell? Do you run into other people that might need what it is that they sell?

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