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Sometimes I shoot my VO sessions for your viewing enjoyment.

Well, mostly for my viewing enjoyment I suppose. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more studio session, how to, and marketing/advertising/branding rant videos.

Christopher Walken impression for one of my best clients, Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton, Connecticut.

Verizon Voice Over by Jim McCarthy This is my most requested style. Casual and Conversational.

Full Mix Production Voice Over for Kelly Ford in Melboune, Florida.

Dexter fan? This is a parody of the "Elf on the Shelf" holiday toy, "Dexter on the Shelf". VO by JMVO for.

VoiceOver for a Journey Tribute Band based in Detroit, Michigan.

Goofs, outtakes, Christopher Walken Impression from a Bruce Bennett Nissan VO session.

about jim mccarthy.

"like most vo folks, I started out in radio"

I worked in Connecticut, Las Vegas and ended up settling in Nashville since 2005. Over that time I voiced and produced literally thousands of ads for almost every type of business from the local smoke shop on up to Coca-Cola and Jose Cuervo. I have voiced and mostly produced tens of thousands of radio imaging pieces (the stuff you hear between the songs with the cool zaps, swooshes, and explosions). I eventually brought video into the mix when a little site called YouTube came into existence. Most of my stuff can be seen at the Nashville JACK FM YouTube page, but I also tapped into my interviewing skills for Authentic "First Impression" Business Videos for local business owners, artists, sales folk etc.

owner / voice over artist

Jim McCarthy

Awards Include: 2006/2009 Gold Addy Awards for Best Radio Self Image Campaign & Best Local Radio Campaign, 2005/2006/2007/2008/2009 A.I.R. Award for Best Advertising Campaign, Best Production Producer / Talent / Creative Services Director, Best Advertising, Unaired Spot, & Use of Humor, and 2002 Las Vegas Electronic Media Award for Best Production & Most Creative Commercial.


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