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144 – Processing Today’s Cultural Shift :: Kristin Benton

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast…

Kristin grew up in Northwest Iowa – around a lot of hunters and guns were around but not an active part of everyday life. On her 30th birthday, when she was gifted a .40cal handgun and carry permit class, it was the first time she had ever been around a handgun. She was nervous, excited and most of all, knew she had a lot to learn. 


The first time Kristin walked into a gun range with her newly acquired handgun, she recalls, “I was so nervous and I felt stupid. I was surrounded by guys who knew all the things (or so I thought) and being a woman around all these “tactical dudes” made me feel like such an outsider.” Thankfully, Kristin stuck in there and immediately fell in love with pistol shooting and has been learning ever since.


When you’re excited about something you want to share it and what started as teaching girlfriends how to shoot for fun, has become something more in She Shoots Training! Having worked professionally in training/adult learning since 2005, it made perfect sense for Kristin to share her knowledge and experience with the thousands of other women who are just like she was at the beginning of her journey. 

“I’ve married my decades of experience in training and coaching with my conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to defend their life.”

She Shoots started as a way to help women navigate a challenging world and has grown into a mission to educate, equip, and empower women. 

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Episode highlights:

8:51 – How she got started teaching women to shoot guns.

16:01 – Counter protesters at rallies.

18:57 – You never really own your house as long as your property taxes are high.

26:17 – What’s going on in the world of transgenderism.

42:02 – Political refugees from California and the changing political landscape in Davidson County.


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