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What’s Andy Ogle’s Problem? :: Reinventing the Mule

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the biggest challenges not only for 2020, but in recent human history. Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles became quite a prominent figure and lightning rod during that time…simply for doing what he was elected and sworn under oath to do.



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Maury County is rich in heritage, natural resources and family tradition that must be preserved as they grow at an ever accelerating rate.  Andy’s experience in economics, tax policy and business is a necessary background at a time when Maury County needs qualified leadership the most.  Andy is committed to preserving their small town heritage and community values as they face the pressures of a growing community.   

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WYP is recorded and shot in the Big Dot Lighting HQ in Spring Hill, TN.


Executive Producer: Jennifer Kerr

WYP Intro VO: @johndavidwells

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