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What’s Darrin Hunt’s Problem? :: Fighting “We’ve Always Done It This Way”

Darrin has been in sales since 2014 and works for family owned H&R Agri Power. Started working in the warehouse sweeping floors and stocking parts.  After watching his father and grandfather selling farm equipment as a youngster, the seed was planted.





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What is Darrin’s Problem?  

How to fight the technology and convenience phase like Amazon.  A lot of the people who have been in agriculture for so long has the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way”




A few things came up:

*Took 2 years  off afterschool to work on the farm to learn about all the piece of equipment that they sold so that he could relate to the customer

*Paying the price for a piece of equipment is one thing, but being out on the farm and taking care of their customers is just as important

*My customers are some of the closest to me in the world.  Customers can call at any time and I will be there to take care of them.  Service after purchase is just as important as the sale


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