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What’s Jackie Reid’s’ Problem? :: Living PRESENTLY

What’s Jackie Reid’s’ Problem? :: Living PRESENTLY


Jacie Reid believes in trying to “live in the now” as much as she can. She recently had a massive spiritual awakening and is blogging about her journey into a much less stressful life.



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About Jackie:


“My spiritual quest began in 2017 through loss, suffering, and a realization that I was spiritually dead. I had lost my connection with something greater and my purpose in this world.


Before that, my spirituality was based on the religious beliefs of the Church of Christ and Southern Baptist. Never fully embracing their teachings, I often left church services in doubt and feeling more separated from God.

Religion wasn’t working for me, but I wasn’t ready to completely turn away from God either. I needed a new way to connect with a higher power and my purpose.

Ultimately, seeking peace and freedom led me to spiritual teachings and tools old and new. The philosophies and practices I’ve learned have helped me to begin to awaken to my true Self—the Universal Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom, or God that dwells within all of us.

I am not a guru or a spiritual teacher nor am I enlightened. For most people, awakening to your true Self is not an event, but a process you undergo. I am a seeker and student in the midst of that process.”



What’s Jackie’s Problem?


Jackie’s biggest problem is staying in the moment. Although her awareness of the challenge has increased, it’s a diligent daily practice to master!


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Talking about the real problems (and possible solutions) of everyday business owners and professionals in and around Middle Tennessee and beyond…this is the What’s Your Problem Podcast!


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