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128 – When to Seek an Assistant for Voice Over :: Christi Bowen

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast…

If you’re ever considering a side hustle or delving full time into the world voiceover, one of the first stops you should make is getting to know Christi Bowen. Christi is a world-class VO talent, Coach and Networker in that industry especially here in Middle Tennessee. 

In this episode we discuss proper VO demo production, e-learning, finding a good coach, the “I have a good voice” quandary and the weird disembodied character VO in the TV series 1923.

Christi and I will be teaching a class in a group she manages, the Tennessee Voice Over Exchange (T-VOE). We’ll be talking about video marketing how to’s and basic video/audio production techniques for aspiring and new VO artists.  

From Christi:

After college I began working in video as well as audio and eventually became a TV producer. And I’ve earned 9 Telly Awards and a Regional Emmy award along the way for projects I produced. I worked on the movies Patch Adams and Galaxy Quest and spent 12 years working on a government contract for American Forces Radio and Television Service. I specialized in researching historic stock footage and photography. One of my favorite projects involved spending a week at the National Archives researching footage on World War I.

Since 2011, I’ve been working full-time at my dream job as a voice actor when I launched my company Audible Creations LLC. My voice can be heard on commercials, corporate narrations, eLearning, phone systems, political campaigns and automotive spots for clients all over the world.  I’ve now added two GOLD Telly Awards to my collection – only this time for my voiceover work.  These are joined by a Silver W3 Award and a Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Political Announcement-Attack Ad.

One of the things I’m most proud of is the group I co-founded called Tennessee Voice Over Exchange (T-VOE). Over the last 8 years the meetup group has met monthly and grown to over 85 members. We’ve had the leading speakers in voice over join us virtual or in person.  Nashville is becoming a hot destination for workshops from some of the best coaches in the business.

In October 2021, my dream of opening a voiceover training school in Nashville came true.  Tennessee Voice Over Studios LLC offers premier voice acting training using our three star method – performance, business and technology. The Studios offers classes in-person and virtually as well as a recording space for auditions and sessions.  To find out more visit the website.

orld, but how? What’s your source? 

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Talking about the real problems (and possible solutions) of everyday business owners and professionals in and around Middle Tennessee and beyond…this is the What’s Your Problem Podcast!

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