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The (Mostly) Middle Tennessee Business Podcast

(formerly: What’s Your Problem Podcast)
from Jim McCarthy
JMVO-Production-The Mostly Middle Tennessee Business Podcast-What's Your Problem Podcast
This is a podcast where we talk about the real problems (and possible solutions) of everyday business owners and professionals in and around Middle Tennessee and beyond!
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A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… Connecting with the Earth 🌍 can help you achieve a healthier body and a clearer mind. Studies show that walking barefoot on natural surfaces can

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… I love it when good salespeople don’t think they’re good salespeople.  Ed Fox has no idea just how good of a salesperson he is. The

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… The doctors told Jami’s father that they would have to cut his legs off to save his life. Jami explored other options involving his diet.

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… I took notice of Amanda on LinkedIn. If you’ve ever worked LinkedIn, you know it takes a while and a LOT to get it to

Kids Need to Fall on Their Face and Learn for Themselves. I’ve always told my kids that your 20s are for finding out who you are. Sometimes that means you’re

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast…  Are YOU WORKING Hard While OTHERS Are HARDLY WORKING?   Hard work deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated, but that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… For almost 20 years, Martin has developed partnerships with many leading companies, resulting in hundreds of placements. It is his life’s calling to be a

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… Larry Aberman has made a life out of playing man’s first instrument, the drums!  If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas and saw Cirque du

A Middle Tennessee Business Podcast… Kristin grew up in Northwest Iowa – around a lot of hunters and guns were around but not an active part of everyday life. On

Where is Technology ACTUALLY Going?  The world was told in the 50s that we’d have flying cars by the 2000s … looking at today and seeing that we clearly don’t have