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What's Amy Rothenberger's Problem? :: Automotive Relationships and Inventory

Amy Rothenberger is the “Enchantress of Optimism” and Director of eCommerce and Marketing with the Dream Motor Group. DMG owns Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti Automotive Dealerships in Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Alabama.


Amy has spent a majority of her professional life in the car business. She’s seen all the ups and downs the industry can throw at someone working on a commission income as well as in most other departments in a dealership. She primarily works out of the Mercedes-Benz of Music City location just outside of Nashville, literally a stone’s throw from Runway 13 at the Nashville International Airport.

Amy is constantly inspired with her career at Dream, and for good reason. While most businesses talk a good game about creating positive culture within their walls, the Dream Motor Group makes it a daily and almost hourly practice. They have been on a rapid upward trajectory by keeping their culture development focus very, very sharp.

What’s Amy’s problem?

Much of Amy’s dealerships thrive off of relationships and the advertising that goes along with it. It’s rare that they dip their toes into transactional messaging. They saw the COVID-19 Pandemic coming a few months out and pivoted early. Thanks to their early adjustments, they have thrived over the last 8 months but now are faced with a diminished manufacturer’s inventory that rocked their brands. The answer lies within the relationships they’ve developed over the years.

A few things that came up:

-Working in the car business as a single mom with 3 kids

-Experiencing bad cultures in the car business

-Changing the public’s perception about car dealerships

-DMG CEO Joe Agresti’s vision and sacrifices made to ensure his teams not only remained employed, but paid at the same or better levels

-The DREAM contest

-”Your Mercedes-Benz Your Way” development

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