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What's Bill Yuss' Problem? :: Scaling and Expanding with Love

Less than a decade living and working around Spring Hill, Chicago native Bill Yuss (aka The Pro Door Doctor) has built a tremendous garage door business around Spring Hill, Columbia and beyond based on a simple approach. Just loving his customers.  



Bill’s Tennessee endeavors are the second time he’s built a business. Starting at 15 years old, he was thrust into the garage door world working at a gas station. 50 years later, his garage door knowledge is almost supernatural!  

What’s Bill’s problem?


Bill struggles with how to scale up his business as demand grows while still keeping his cherished loving approach towards his customers and staff. His current pain is to find his next HQ which will likely be somewhere in Maury county. 


A few things that came up:


*4-5 months from the ah ha moment, he started his business at 15 years old, had a fleet of 30 trucks by the time he was in his early 20’s

*Developing a ferocious Facebook following

*Early into the new business in TN, a customer complained about price and went to Facebook to complain, which the community stepped up to support and protect him

*In Chicago, 4-5 months of the year he was working for the government paying taxes

*benefit of being in TN is that he gets to keep more money which led to a goal of giving more money to employees

*Finding good employees is like finding 1 in every 5 guys.  Employees are like family and are treated like family

*Challenge, how to make everyone happy inside and outside of the company as they grow the business

*How to relay the message to people about how important to keep the safety of their garage door (could crush kids, animals, cars, etc.)


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