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What's Brink Fidler's Problem? :: Faith, Firearms and a Fashion Brand

Having spent nearly two decades in law enforcement, Brink Fidler respectably served with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department as well as the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force in Nashville. 



In addition to his regular law enforcement duties, he also served as an adjunct firearms and tactics instructor. He has planned and conducted hundreds of high risk, tactical, and covert operations. He has served as an officer, narcotics investigator, patrol sergeant, narcotics sergeant, and retired as the Director of the Drug Task Force in Nashville. During his extensive career, Fidler directed and supervised the most complex investigations. These multifaceted investigations involved hundreds of court-ordered wiretaps, thousands of hours of physical and electronic surveillance, and hundreds of search warrants throughout the United States.

Brink is the Founder and President of Defend Systems, a life safety and security consulting firm based in middle Tennessee. Brink also spearheads

What’s Brink’s problem?


Brink believes in the fact that we have the FREEDOM to practice our FAITH because of FIREARMS which led him to create the God Fearing Gun Owners brand. He is trying to find a way to tap into the passion of those who believe the same way and start a movement within the brand.   



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