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What's Regie Hamm's Problem? :: Monetizing His Talents in the Digital Age

Regie Hamm is a multi award-winning songwriter and artist with over 20 #1 hits under his belt. He even penned the 2008 American Idol/David Cook smash hit “Time Of My Life”.

While he still writes and performs, he’s since become a prolific blogger with over 10,000 page views per month. Among Regie’s many incredible life stories, one stands out and will give you chills. In 2008, WYP Podcast Host Jim was producing authentic, unscripted videos which is how Jim and Regie became friends back in 2008. Jim heard Regie’s story and instantly knew he wanted it to be on video:

What’s Regie’s problem?

With everything Regie has going for him and his family, monetization of his talents in the digital age has been a challenge.

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Twitter: @regiehamm


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