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What's Matt Bogosian's Problem? :: Maintaining Consistent Quality Content

Matt Bogosian is a Spring Hill, TN area Real Estate Agent who tackles his marketing much differently than his peers. Inspired by Gary Vee, Matt has taken the “be the Mayor of your locale” approach to another level. His video work for his client’s listings is nothing short of exceptional. He also hosts a local news show called The Spring Hill Source in collaboration with Jaimee Davis, a Spring Hill Insurance agent.

Big Dot’s John Frodo Woerner joins in on the discussion and offers some powerful suggestions.

What’s Matt’s problem?

Matt wonders how he can keep his content coming out on a consistent level, week after week.

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Insta: @matt_bogosian



Talking about the real problems (and possible solutions) of everyday business owners and professionals in and around Middle Tennessee and beyond…this is the What’s Your Problem Podcast!

WYP is recorded and shot in the Big Dot Lighting HQ in Spring Hill, TN.

Big Dot Lighting – Commercial LED Lighting Specialists

Big Dot Electrical, LLC

WYP Intro VO: John David Wells

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