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What’s Bob Tarter’s Problem? :: Discovering Your Pivot Animal

Wildlife biologist and owner of NHECM, Bob is the primary wildlife programmer. Bob has a degree in Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and spent time as a biologist for Ducks Unlimited and with the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources as a wildlife researcher & biologist.  Since the beginning of NHECM in 2005, Bob has offered and presented many varied wildlife exhibits all while presenting different elementary, middle school and high school curriculum with foundations in biology and life science, geography, social studies and even foreign languages.  




What is Bob’s problem?

Covid took a massive bite out of Bob’s business. He had to pivot and do shows from home which in turn showed him that it was almost cheaper to do virtual shows.


A few things came up:


*grew up in southern illinois in a german town where agriculture was big

*choose a degree based off of chemical 

*worked in public and private lands for pheasant hunting

*come to his job with Animalogy while trying to find a job in tennessee where his now wife was going to school in memphis

*when schools shut down they started doing a zoom webinar called Bob after Dark.The library opened it up to multiple states. Public got excited to find out that kangaroos have 3 vaginas.

*Red fish and grouper once they reach a certain size you can’t harvest them because after a certain age they become female

*you can only disprove theories

*had to pivot during the summer by going to virtual sessions

*inventory of animals is about 65 

*only licensed native animal licensed owner in the state of tennessee

*armadillos gave birth to only 4 babies and they are all clones of themselves and are all genetically the same

*trying to be something that they see on facebook or online and monetize it. Put together episodes and release them once a month in a subscription

*the exotic animal industry has exploded and they are being bought/sold on the blackmarket



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