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What’s Danny Coleman’s Problem? :: Being Columbia Tennessee's Switzerland

Danny Coleman serves as the Columbia City Coucilman for Ward 5. He’s a huge proponent of helping small businesses as he believes they are what drives a large part of our overall economy. 




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Danny is also a podcaster, business consultant, father, husband and overall champion of Columbia and it’s future. 


What is Danny’s Problem?  

Being on the Columbia City council, it is a humbling experience, yet he wants to do what he can to bring people together on neutral ground. Doesn’t know how to do this without keeping the politics out of it.




A few things came up:

*Grew up in Knoxville then moved out to California to pursue his now wife.  Worked for his now father in law in a painting business and as a barista at a local coffee shop. Changed college major from an English major to a business major.  Dropped out of college and went into business.

*Moved to Tennessee in 2014 and worked for a Real Estate company on their virtual team

*Got his first client as a business consultant working with Muletown Coffee

*Did a vlog about how to grow out your beard.  Fellow guys were blown away by his awesome beard

*Currently working with TSBC and is on the City Council for ward 5

*Has 2 kids, a 10 year old daughter and a year old son. Does not push his kids to go to college but will support them if they don’t and will help them pursue their curiosities. 

*He is a question asker and a listener.  These great abilities made him great for a business consultant and drew business owners to him. He would help business owners organize themselves and their businesses.

*He can also be known as a business therapist.  Business owners open up and talk to him and he offers them solutions 

*Govlove is a podcast about what other cities have done to handle local problems and issues




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Talking about the real problems (and possible solutions) of everyday business owners and professionals in and around Middle Tennessee and beyond…this is the What’s Your Problem Podcast!


WYP is recorded and shot in the Big Dot Lighting HQ in Spring Hill, TN.


Executive Producer: Jennifer Kerr

WYP Intro VO: @johndavidwells


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