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What’s Edward Fox’s Problem? :: Banking on the Barter Economy

Edward Fox can help your business capitalize on your downtime and lingering inventory that reeks of bad tuna.


Coming from Down Under, Edward came from a family of entrepreneurs and salesmen. Coming to America and realizing her bountiful opportunity only fueled his voracious appetite for blazing his own path in business. He’s constantly thinking of new ideas and has owned a myriad of businesses throughout his professional life. He is currently showing business owners how they can capitalize on unsold inventory and downtime through Tradebank Nashville and Witchita.




What is Edward’s problem?

Nobody knows that Tradebank exists…nobody really knows what they do. It can be difficult to explain.



A few things came up:


*Born and raised in Australia and born into a family of entrepreneurs 

*Grandmother was one of the top 10 tupperware distributors in Australia and most get togethers involved packing orders in boxes

*Left school at 15 and opened up a convenience store, did $200,000 in revenue within the first 2 years

*Came to the states in October of 1989 to see his girlfriend to see if it was fantasy or would actually work

*You have 2 circles, one is your income and the other is your expenses. if your expenses are as big as your income you have a problem

*Storytelling is the best selling

*When selling something you must show the value

*1996-2008 did Pokemon tournaments, made enough money to build his private cricket field

*Cash is king? No, barter is smarter





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