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What’s Joshua Merrill’s Problem? :: Systems and Processes for a Legacy in Local Coffee

Joshua Merrill has been brewing coffee in various parts of the country for well over a decade. He’s been bringing his caffeinated concoctions to Spring Hill and Columbia, Tennessee with his company Legacy Coffee.  




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What is Joshua’s problem?

Not having systems and procedures for training employees and day to day tasks.


A few things came up:


*Been in Spring Hill for 26 years, homeschooled from k-12

*Parents invested into a restaurant when him and his brother were in highschool and allowed them to not have to go to college and just start making money instead of having to payback money

*The restaurant only lasted about 18 months and went under based upon multiple circumstances.  This caused the family to fall apart.  His mother left with his brother and Josh and his father were temporarily homeless

*Moved to Reno to be with a girlfriend and ended up getting a job at starbucks where he fell in love with working with coffee and being a barista

*Family was always one to drink coffee as well.  They would drink coffee at any time morning noon or night

*Josh and his wife decided to start their own coffee business with the notion of being able to give back to the community, the police department, and teachers

*Started the coffee truck with only $5,200 by taking a flat bed trailer and built a coffee food truck





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