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What's Kristin Benton's Problem? :: Other People's Problems!

Kristin Benton is one of those entrepreneurs who is plagued with ideas. Like most of us, it’s a chore picking one (or two) and running with them.



Kristin hails from Nolensville and is currently building Adventure Alchemy and She Shoots Training. Prior to that, she’s been a hula-hoop fitness instructor, business/life coach and has been in a multitude of corporate work throughout her professional life.

Quoted from her website,


“I’m a deeply imperfect Christ follower, a wife, mom, multi-preneur, abuse survivor, adventurer, collector of hobbies, and more! Every project I’ve taken on was born of curiosity, enthusiasm and so much hard work. I use this space to share my current and past work, to detail upcoming plans and to hopefully further my impact on the world. I’m constantly changing and evolving, so what you see here today might not be here tomorrow! The constants? God has given me gifts and passion and I do my best (imperfectly) to hear His plans for my life and go when He says ‘go.’” 


What’s Kristin’s problem?


Kristin had a rocket ship ride when she executed on the idea for Adventure Alchemy. Unfortunately, COVID was thrust into all of our lives and travel essentially came to a halt. 


The good news is that she also found a calling in training and empowering women with firearms. Thus was born!


Kristin’s problem is figuring out how to pivot for Alchemy to pick back up, but it may just be a case of waiting until the COVID fever has worn off. She’s also working through the challenges of so many ideas, so little time!


A few things that came up:


-How a trip to Tombstone birthed the idea for Adventure Alchemy

-People like being surprised as to where they’re going on vacation

-COVID stopped all travel

-Tapping into a lifetime of firearms practice while counseling women

-Being political on social media



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