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What's Xavier Darden's Problem? :: Weighing Work/Life Balance and Benz's

In any business, maintaining the right mindset can be all the difference between prospering and closing your doors. In the car business it can be an hourly struggle!

Xavier Darden is THE Luxury Auto Coach at Mercedes-Benz of Music City. He has been with the Mercedes brand for almost a decade and in the car business since he graduated college. 



Xavier and Jim met at a local Mercedes-Benz dealership and became quick friends. Jim got out of the business in 2015 while Xavier pushed on. It takes about 5 years to build a consistent client base in the car business and that comes with a LOT of hustle. In 2017, after 5 years of building his book at that particular dealership, Xavier pondered a move that would potentially require him to start over again.


He did it anyway….and it paid off. 


What’s Xavier’s problem?


Like anyone who commits to a life in the car business, you have to weigh the word “commit” carefully. It can overtake your life. Xavier has a beautiful family and his challenge has been finding that elusive work/life balance while not only building his client base which includes some of Nashville’s notable celebrities and athletes. 


A few things that came up:


*your reputation is everything

*the world is smaller than you think. You have to nurture the culture and take care of your people

*19:45, fastest car transaction, 

*Realized  that he could build a business and branded himself as the luxury automotive coach

*Biggest problem is keeping focus on what really matters. Family is what matters and you have to make time to spend time with them and make them happy

*26:00, you have to stay positive and keep your attitude in the right spot to make sure that you always take care of your customers

*”It’s always something”, It’s not that bad because someone else always has it worse

*Hardest decision was made at the 5 year mark, business is booming but, he left and changed dealerships

*The environment is which you work in and the people you work for can decide your personality and your attitude while at the job. You represent who you work for.



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